History of the Hotel Costa Brava

Our history is part of Costa Brava history.

In 1929 Leopolo Prats and his family opened a restaurant and some hotel rooms on of the best spots of the Costa Brava. In 1983 when the current owners, Jordi Comas and his wife Carme, took over this renowned establishment it recieved a new impulse of enthusiasm, commitment and the aim to  provide excellent service to their customers.

This commiment to excellence has grown day by day, year by year and is testified to by the large number of new and returning clients who come back to the gastronomic Hotel Costa Brava to enjoy their holidays. The magnificent Can Poldo restaurant has over the years become a meeting point for family and friends to enjoy lunch or dinners or indead celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding, christening or anniversary.

Esther Tusquets  in her book "Habíamos Ganado la Guerra" 7th edition, 2007 Bruguera states the following "It is normal that first hikers who arrived at the house that day would be fascintated by the Costa Brava Hotel. The place is truly exceptional. The building rests on a rocky outlet looking onto the sea. At night past the tiny bay the village beach stretches endlessly. To the left of the hotel is a beach that we called 'hotel beach', because only the hotel guests and the residents of three scattered cottages shared it with us."