Costa Brava Weather

Weather in the Costa Brava consists of a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and mild winters. The Costa Brava or otherwise translated as the "Wild Coast" is one of Spain´s most beautiful regions to visit with a wealth of good hotels, things to do and places to visit. 

Costa Brava Weather in the summer

Summer, from June till September, sees ideal temperatures and lots of sun. The average high temperature sits at around 25°C in June and September and gets up to a peak of 28°C in July and August. It´s ideal for long beach days with kids or spending time dining a la fresco.

July is the sunniest month with nine hours of sunshine per day. The sea temperature peaks in August at 25°C but it´s warm enough for swimming throughout the season and for some time after. Rainfall is low, dipping to its annual lowest point in July but a few summer showers happen from time to time.

Costa Brava Weather in Autumn

The Costa Brava weather in Autumn is ideal for those who wish to enjoy warm sunshine without the heat of the peak summer months. The temperature in October in the Costa Brava averages at 21°C during the day and drops to 15°C at night.

The temperature in November continues to drop with a daytime average of 16°C and nighttime average of 11°C. Sunshine levels decline and you can expect some rainfall in October and November and even sometimes thunderstorms.

This is a great time for holidays in the Costa Brava if you wish to do some sports or sightseeing which don’t depend on uninterrupted sunshine and are more suited to mild temperatures. 

Costa Brava Weather in Winter

Winter, from December till February, is mild and often cold. The average high temperature is around 13°C for most of the season with an average low of about 7°C but this can vary. January is nearly always the coldest month and temperatures at night can drop to freezing but rarely do.
Many visitors from Northern Europe come to the Costa Brava during winter months to enjoy it´s quieter off season and soak up some of the clear bright days of sunshine that also occur. 

Costa Brava Weather in Spring

Spring, from March till May, is a bit wetter than winter but temperatures and sunshine levels increase throughout the season. The average high temperature increases to 16°C in March, 18°C in April and 21°C in May so from mid April you can expect warm, sunny, spring days. The night time temperatures still remain cool but as the season continues they warm up. 
Many people choose this time of year to come to the Costa Brava and enjoy a long weekend away, a relaxing break or take advantage of some of the hotel deals that are available at this time of year. For more information on special offers at this time of year, take a look at our hotel deals